Holiday Gift Guide Best Writing Gifts for Kids

Holiday Gift Guide to the Best Writing Gifts for Kids plus giveaways!




Storycubes | $9.99 | Ages 8 +

Rory’s Story Cubes contains nine cubes with 54 images. Just roll the cubes and come up with a story that links together all nine face-up images.

Uncommon Goods

Rory’s Story Cubes

Storybuilders Spies, Inc. | $14.95  | Ages 7 – 12


Spies Inc. begins with The Adventures of Dash Danger, the favorite book of a fifth-grade boy. After bully Biff Vermin sends him on a mission to steal a secret cupcake frosting recipe from The Lunch Lady, the boy looks for help inside his Dash Danger book. But he needs your help, too, to pull this off. You get to create a cool spy name, map out a plan, design gadgets and develop a secret code.


Your Life in Comics | $9.99 | Ages 9 – 13

Interactive writing and drawing comic for boys.

Free Spirit

Appleletters | $16.99 | Ages 5 +


Part wordplay and part matching, Appletters challenges players to make words and then build off of them using either the first or last letter of the growing chain.


Project Runway Fashion Magazine Editor Tote | $24.50 | Ages 8 +

Kids design and publish an original fashion magazine with the Fashion Angels Magazine Editor Tote Kit! Kit includes magazine editor tote case, 2 blanks magazines, over 400 stickers, over 100 fashions, layout stencil, CD with more clip art designs to print and a design guide. Tote features Project Runway graphics.

Fashion Angels

Yamodo – Party Time | $11.99 | Ages 8 +


Yamodo – Party Time is the definitive game of made-up words. Played in quick rounds, all players compete to win the current judge’s favor by creating the “best” definition to a given made-up word and tag line.


Spilling Ink |  $12.23  | Ages 10 +

Practical advice in a perfect package for young aspiring writers. After receiving letters from fans asking for writing advice, accomplished authors Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter joined together to create this guidebook for young writers.

Flash Point

Little Miss Matched The Writer in Me! | $13.22 | Ages 10 +


The kit also includes a full suite of writer’s tools: three different types of journals (an observation notepad, a diary, and a lined blank book), a rhyming dictionary, a “Why Writers Write” inspirational poster, and a deck of word cards and story-starters to get the creative juices flowing.


Retro Vintage Repurposed Golden Book Blank Journal | $12.00 | Ages 6 +


These are ONE-OF-A-KIND journals made from a recycled Golden Books, found in previously loved condition. 100+ pages of plain white RECYCLED paper are bound TOGETHER WITH THE ORIGINAL STORY in a sturdy coil binding that allows for the book to lie flat.

This Handmade Life

Kids Journal with Pencil | $22.00 | Ages 8 +

This small cute hardbound journal is covered in cloth sourced from children’s clothing. In the pocket on the cover are 4 small pencils and a sharpener. The 90(180 both sides)pages of 41/4”x 6″ white paper are hand sewn and suitable for both drawing or writing. Nicole Paper Goods
Story Cards | $19.99 | Ages 8 +

StoryPlay Cards are an amazing deck of 88 storytelling and playing cards that works like a playing card deck for the right side of the brain. Deal cards to each person and start telling a story. Play classic card games like Spoons, Match Up, Battle and Concentration. Use the cards to start conversations about what matters. With 90 beautifully illustrated cards and more than a dozen different ways to play with the cards, you’ll be amazed at what these cards can do.


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