The Sisters Eight, An Adventure Series for Girls

The Sister’s Eight will be your next favorite series — I love finding good series, don’t you? And this series will have nine books total so if you like it, you’ll have lots of books to look forward to.

The story begins when Mommy and Daddy don’t come back from Mommy getting eggnog and Daddy getting wood for the fire. After searching everywhere, the octuplets realize their parents are gone, or worse, dead. Then, a note appears telling the girls that each one must find their power and their gift, and only then will they learn what happened to Mommy and Daddy.

I’m reading this aloud to my kids and both my 5- and 8-year old are loving it.

The voice of the narrator is delightfully entertaining:

“We’d always loved having Mommy drive us to school in her big purple vehicle, which was a Hummer that she’d doctored to make it environmentally sound, but riding the bus was a revelation.

“This is . . . fun,” Zinnia said as we bounced along. “Who knew taking public transportation could be so . . . bouncy! It’s so much more than yellow!”

Our school  was called the Whistle Stop, a name we’d always agreed was stupid. But supposedly the man who had founded the school had made his fortune in railroads, and he liked the name.” (Book 1, p. 29)

In each book a sister finds her gift and her talent.  In Book 1, Annie’s Adventures, it’s Annie.  Her talent is being as smart as a grown-up and her gift is a ring.

The authors are a mom, dad and daughter team, Lauren Baratz-Logsted, Greg Logsted and Jackie Logsted.

WIN! The Logsteds are kindly offering an Imagination Soup reader Books 5 & 6 signed by all three of them!  Book 5 is Marcia’s Madness. Book 6 is Petal’s Problems. Contest ends November 7, 2010 EST Midnight.

Comment below for a chance to win both books! Info on a Sister’s Eight Book Club. Sister’s Eight paper dolls.

*UPDATE: Congratulations to Monise, you are the winner of this giveaway!


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  1. Suzanne says

    I love the chance to explore books with my girls that feature characters that have adventures. That are engaged in life, in making mistakes as well as making decisions that work out–in other words living. Sounds like this is just the sort of possibility offered in this series.

  2. Kelly says

    Sounds like a fun series that I would like to read with my five year old! Thanks for the chance to win the signed 5 and 6 books :-)

  3. Robin says

    In a world that is full of male super-heroes it’s nice to hear that there is some “girl power” out there. This series will definately make it into my classroom library and I will share it with our school librarians.

  4. says

    I woould love the opportunity to introduce my girls to this series! I have two: 6.5 and 9. The youngest reads on a 3/4th level so it’s hard finding books of interest, as the teacher only assigns 1st grade books to all student. I would also like to do a book (or series) review on my site/Twitter page (I have 2,400+) followers and participate in several weekly education-related chats.

  5. Denice says

    I love to get scholars hooked on reading and series do that for some. It is fun to read the first of a series and watch how the others fly off the shelf.


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