Draw an Odd Numbered Creature

Draw Plus Math by Freddie Levin arrived in my mailbox recently and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

It’s a step by step guide to math related drawing. For example, in one lesson, you’ll learn the steps of drawing a car.  Then, you’re asked to make a math sentence using cars and shown how to draw three cars minus one car equals two cars. 3-1=2.

Other lessons are: draw a robot, draw circle, oval and rectangle bugs then sort, draw a quilt block, draw things around us that have numbers like a clock or cell phone, & draw a tree with birds facing west and birds facing east then use the information to create a graph.

Click on the book cover or the following link to print out two fun drawing pages from this book.  These are instructions to “Draw an Odd Creature.” draw+math_print _medres


Comment below if you want to win a copy of Draw Plus Math. :)  I’ll select a random winner October 30, 2010 midnight. U.S. and Canada only please.


  1. Pam says

    Sounds like a really wonderful math book! I would love the opportunity to use it with my 2 little kids and share it with some friends as well. THANKS!

  2. suzanne says

    I am a first grade teacher and I would love to share this with my students!
    I am a mother and I would love to share it with my children!!
    What a great way to show children the fun you can have with math!!! :)

  3. Denice says

    It seems anytime we can intergrate art with another subject just makes it better for all to learn. I would love to share this with my teachers.

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