On your mark, get set, go . . . to school


Alarm clock.  Check.

Coffee stockpile.  Check.

Slippers for walk across street to bus.  Check.

School supplies. . . dang.  Not check.

It’s all you these first days of school.  But, get enough systems in place and you’ll be able to hand off responsibility to your child.  You’ll just need to have a system and do some training.

PREP before the school year:

  • Alarm clock set with plenty of extra time for slow pokes.  And, no one likes to rush anyway.
  • Breakfast set out or pre-planned.
  • Lunch fixings in fridge or school account filled.
  • Coat/backpack/shoe area
  • Designated place for homework and papers from school
  • Labels on everything that might leave your house
  • GO TO BED earlier
  • Set an alarm for when to leave for the car/bus/walk – I have two – first one is a warning, second one means get your tush out the door
  • (And for Pete’s sake, go out and buy your kids their school supplies before the stores are all out!  I’m talking to myself here.  You all probably already did it.)

School Routine – figure out your systems for

  • Homework time
  • Papers / Notes home
  • Calendar
  • Reading

Also, read the school newsletter.   Good thing I just read ours, too.  Apparently, my daughter only has a half day tomorrow.  Good to know!

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