Motivating Kids to Read During the Summer

Get your kids reading this summer!  As a teacher, mom, and book nerd, I’m always reading something – for me or for someone slightly younger.  Click here for my book recommendations by age and topic.CB009281

1. My favorite “get your child to read trick” is (drum roll please . . . ) let them read in bed. Make it easy and fun by giving them a headlamp!   Even my four year old “reads” in bed.

2. Sign your kids up for your library’s Summer Reading Programs. They’ll earn prizes and a free book! Barnes and Noble has a summer reading program.

Reading builds brain cells, develops imagination and gives kids an activity. (Subsequently giving tired parents a break. . .)  It’s win-win.

Remember The Rights of a Reader apply to kids, too!

If you need some grown-up book suggestions for yourself – email me or friend me on Goodreads.  (Told you I was a book nerd.)

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