Make a writing nook


Writers need to write. Artists need to create. Musicians need to play. Create a wonderful writing “center” or “nook” for your young writer(s) to write. All you need are space and materials. Try to let your child’s inner writer emerge. Don’t comment too much or expect perfection. Let them write. Give them the tools they need for lists, cards, stories, poems, letters, and so forth.



Pencils, pens, markers, erasers, hole punch, stapler

Blank envelopes


File folders

Blank books

Sticky notes


I’d love to show you a picture of our writing nook, but then I would have to tidy up – so, maybe not!

Here’s a suggestion- sit and write with your children. Nothing like providing a good example! Of course, what you do depends on the age of your child. Make it fun. Let them see how wonderful writing can be. Show how you love to write. Even if you don’t. Write your grocery list with passion!

Okay, okay, I’ll pick up – and vacuum!  Now, here’s a glance at our writing nook.  What you can’t see is a kid-sized table and chairs – it’s about where I’m standing to take this picture.  My computer desk is just behind these shelves.  So, really, it’s an office for mom and kids.  Every one’s a writer!



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    I have always loved to salvage good paper scraps from the recycling bins at printing places when they are offered for the taking, not because I am very crafty or artistic with it, but because it is just so enjoyable to choose to write on. A small scrapbooker-type paper trimmer provides creativity options for the varying sizes of scraps. Having lots of fun paper that can be thrown away without much regret makes for a very satisfied little or big writer.


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